Brenton Foods Corporation


With the success story of Brent Oil, the business was expanded to the food business thus the establishment of Brent Foods Corporation. 

The first project was opened last April 2004 where established brands were added to give more value to the station, namely, Pancake House and Max’s Restaurant. With its success, Brenton Foods Corporation expanded its business and added a Chinese fast-food chain – Chowking, to its offerings.

After sometime, we launched more brands, namely Yellow Cab, Turks, Treats, Pasalubong, R. Lapid’s, and Subway. The secret in sustaining our business is having values and genuine care for our employees and safety. Taking into account our business impact on the environment and the opportunities available to our employees contributes to our success. Caring about these values can provide benefits such as more motivated employees and loyal customers.


To be the leading franchise and dealers’ group that delivers excellent service at all times.


We are driven to produce a new generation of influential leaders who are passionate, dynamic, and highly engaged in social services.


Passionately Committed
Sense of Ownership
Loyalty and Integrity

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