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ZCL Marketing Philippines Inc.

Double-Wall Fuel Storage System

Corrosion Free Inside | Continuous Leak Detection | Maintenance Free | Lighter in Weight
Safe Storage for All Fuels | Rust Proof | Easy to Install |

A licensee of ZCL Composites Inc. Canada, it manufactures and distributes double-walled fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) underground liquid storage systems under the Greentank trademark to the retail petroleum industry. Its Valenzuela plant started operations in 1998 and has produced UGTs (2,000/2,000-4,000 split, 4,000/2,000 & 3,000/3,000-6,000 split, 4,000/4,000-8,000 split US gallon capacity), turbine enclosures, hold-down systems, dispenser sumps & other fiberglass services.


1. Turbine Enclosure

Protects submersible pump from corrosive soil. Provides secondary containment of possible leaks.


2. Monitor Reservoir

Allows precision tank testing and leak detection by providing four economical Monitoring Options - Pressure, Vacuum, Dry and Hydrostatic.


3. Double Wall Fiberglass

Is rust-proof inside and out, 100% resin & glass construction is maintenance free, easy to handle and requires no expensive cathodic protection.


4. Pre-cast Concrete Tank Anchors

Eliminate the need of pour-in-place concrete pad and are designed to prevent uplift at full flood conditions. Hook to hook non-corrosive fiberglass straps with galvanized turn buckles provide convenience and security.


5. Interstitial Design

Annular space between inner and outer walls provides continuous leak detection of both walls. Interstice cavity can be shipped from the factory brine filled.


6. Tank Mounted Fittings

Provide access for high/low level electronic inventory gauges and pump out.


7. Integrally Constructed Ribs

Ultra-strong and robust, the tank is engineered to withstand H-20 axle loading of 32,000 pounds per axle. Tanks can be buried to depths of 7 feet and more.

Leak Detection System

Normal Conditions

The reservoir liquid level will be stable if both the inner and outer tanks are tight. The optional reservoir sensor will activate an alarm if the reservoir drains or overfills.

Inner Wall Breach

Monitor fluid drains into the primary tank causing the reservoir to drain. No petroleum product escapes from the primary tank to pollute the site. The optional low level alarm activities.

Outer Wall Breach

If the groundwater is below the tank top, the monitor fluid drains into the ground causing the reservoir to drain. The optional low level alarm activates.

Outer Wall Breach

If the groundwater is over the tank top, the reservoir will overfill with groundwater. The optional high level alarm on the reservoir sensor will activate.

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